Personal Notes #1: Start of Something New

This would be my first post for the year 2012.

I came to a point where I want to stop updating this blog because of time constraint since I'm working more than 8 hours in a telecommunication company in the Philippines. In the office, I'm working with lots of numbers, statistics and graphs that at night, I only want to relax and stop thinking and analyzing of anything.

But you cannot stop liking and loving things you used to love and adore. I always admire seeing beautiful, heavenly smelled papers. I love the scent of a new book. I even love to write. Whenever I go to the mall alone, I never forget to visit a bookstore without noticing hours of just inspecting books and papers. I also dreamed of having my own bookstore and a Papelmeroti-like shop. Lots of reasons that keeps me believing that someday this blog will be known and will be appreciated by many for producing creative paper works.

And so I decided to have this blog for as long as I breathe life. ♥

And for this year 2012, I welcome you with new template! Have a fun reading. :)

Yours Truly,



  1. I believe you've started to manifest your dreams!

  2. Wow! My first comment ever :) Whoever you are, thanks for commenting here. Yup. This is the start of fulfilling my dreams \m/


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