16 February 2012

Monthsary Letter in Creative Ways #3

My boyfriend is a busy man now. He is now working as a programmer. Because of this, I thought that I should do something to at least make him smile. So on our 22nd months of being together, I made this sweet little card.

monthsary letter
I will be doing my card using this card. Oh yeah! Lets recycled.
monthsary letter
In order to hide the name of the card as you can see above, I put an embossed letter R sticker. Then put a caption of why I used letter R.

monthsary letter
Inside the card, I draw a girl that giggles while a man is kneeling in front of her. The girl represents to me and the man is my boyfriend.
monthsary letter
Then used a black pen, and erase some oddly stuffs to enhance the drawing.
monthsary letter
Now its time to color the drawing. I used colored marker. I put my name beside the girl.
monthsary letter
I put my boyfriend's name beside the drawing. Oh! the hands look awful. . Hehe. Honestly, I am not really a good artist. I just love to draw so I am just doing what I want with all my best. Anyway, I still believe that its really the thought that counts ♥ My boyfriend will never mind the hands.
monthsary letter
Here is the full view of the inside card. At the top is the reason why I love letter R. Cheesy! Wow! That's my hand writing. Hehe. I highlight it using marker.
monthsary letter
Finally, its ready to be inserted in an envelope. I'm really happy doing this card because it was from a recycled card. I didn't spent anything from this. All you need is effort, some resources that can be seen in your school bag and used card. What is my boyfriend's reactions after getting this card? Amazed. ♥ He told me that this card is great and I am sweet. Ayiiieeee.


  1. Hi , your blog was so nice .. I spend an hour here that I didn't even noticed ... hahaha ... see my blog too ... :)

    1. Wow! Thank you so much daisylee. I have visited your site and I love this "The Mysterious Thing Called LOVE". I wanted to comment but there is no comment button. I just PlusOne it :D


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