Personal Notes #3: Cheers for more Years!

Behind this blog is a blogger named Tin. Oh yeah! Its me. :) This year, I've just turned 26. Oooh, lets not count the years, lets count the memories ♥. Pictures below were taken from the office and my boyfriend's house. My work mates surprised me with a customized cake made from brownies and a balloon. This looks like a children's party with McDonald's burger on the side. He-he. At the middle picture is my boyfriend celebrating his birthday. He just turned 22. Yep, I'm four years older than him. We both celebrate our birthdays every March. Isn't it nice? ♥.

This year, I'd like to live life to the fullest as possible. More bonding with families, friends and colleagues. I also pray nth more years of togetherness with Rommel. ♥ Of course, more laughter and fun! Cheers for more years!

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