Personal Notes #4: Routine Life is Boring

The last week of March feels like I'm riding on a roller coaster filled with excitements and happiness. Where I have been?

Its a summer bonding with family on March 25. I have realized that being with your family is like eating ice cream. Why? Because there's always a 'smile in my heart' whenever I'm with them. The picture above is me and my boyfriend. Yup. We consider him as family. He is tired of swimming so he sleep for a moment. See how I enjoy the moment. ♥
Its official business on Cebu on March 27 up to 29. Trivia: Its my first ride on an airplane. Wow. And its free! More Wow! Haha. This is a work related trip but still, I've got time to wander around Metro Cebu. The picture above was taken on Magellan's Cross.
Its my sister's graduation on March 30. She took up Computer Science. She was awarded with Academic Distinction plus Best in Thesis on her batch. I am definitely a proud sister!
For one week of activities... Am I tired? Yes. Am I happy? Super Yes! At least sometime in our daily life, we have to unwind, forget the work and celebrate life. So I agree to the title of this post: Routine Life is Boring! Definitely! Do I miss my blog? To the highest level, YES! I'm back. Expect more posts this week. To all the visitors of this site, while I'm away without updating it and not posting on Facebook and Twitter, thank you so much. ♥

Alive and kicking,


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