Personal Notes #5: Back on Track

Its been six months since the last update of this blog. What happened? Nothing :) Just too lazy updating. Tsss. Bad. This past few weeks, while browsing the net and seeing/reading others blog, I envy them seeing how long their archives was. How many memories they have shared on their followers. Then I remember my own blog. I checked it and found out that it already gained comments and likes from Facebook. Where there are still people following its Facebook page though no recent update can be found. And so, with *fingers crossed* I am back! Haha. Back for sharing quotes, sharing love letter ideas and sharing my own love story ♥.

"I pray and hope that people will still read my blog and appreciate my ideas. That in this generation where everything is digital, giving someone a personalized letter is still the best form of showing how important they are in our life."

For such a long time, let me begin again my first post with this photo. Yup, the love story that inspires me to make this blog. With him, everything is different. Sitting alone is sad. But sitting beside him even we are not talking is still great ♥. Sounds cheesy, but its true! :)

Taken last October 14, 2012 celebrating my sisters 1st wedding anniversary.

Back on track,

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