11 November 2012

Birthday Letter in Creative Ways #2

On the 22nd birthday of my boyfriend, aside form giving gift, of course there is always a letter from me. I have lots of small cards in my box so what I did is I just revised the card.

birthday letter
Here is the front view of the letter/card. This is not the original look of the card. I told you, I revised the card.

birthday letter
I bought small birthday cards. These cards were only 5 pesos each. Its so cheap that I bought a lot. So whenever there is a birthday celebration, I'm always ready for my letter/card.

birthday letter
The middle picture with vegetable is what I used in the birthday letter/card I gave to my bf. I removed the vegetable sticker.

birthday letter
My bf loves to play guitar so I put the music design tape in the middle to cover the scratches when I removed the vegetable design.

birthday letter
I also put embossed sticker. I used my bf initials. Letter R and A.
birthday letter
Tanan! Here is now the new look of the vegetable card. Hehe. Who would have thought that previously it is a vegetable card. Haha.
birthday letter
Here is the inside view.
Today, March 7, 2012... I am beside the man I love celebrating his birthday!
Isn't it sweet? ♥ 
birthday letter
My letter for him. It is my personal letter so I need to blur it. Hope you don't mind.

birthday letterv
That's all. My birthday card from a revised-5-peso card! Haha.

birthday letter
Put it in an envelope and its ready to touch another heart! ♥

Ooopps.. sorry for the folded side of the envelope. I gave it  on March 7, but  just posted it on November. Hehe. I just asked my bf to return all the letters to me so I can post it in my blog. Next time, I'll be more careful in keeping it.

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