Monthsary Letter in Creative Ways #4

This is actually a long overdue post. In reference with this post a letter given by my boyfriend on our 20th months, what you will see in this post is my exchange letter for him. As you scroll down, don't expect too much because I am not really an artist. Anyway, its always been 'its the thought that counts'. Hehe.
letter, monthsary, love letter
This is a card made from a bond paper, folded four times. For the drawing, a man is hugging a woman at the back. It is a simple drawing. Anyone can do it easily.

monthsary, letter, love letter

But I think, what made this card beautiful is the content. See my handwriting. :)

Once upon a time, something happened to me, it was the sweetest thing that ever could be. It was the day I met you. ♥ 
monthsary, letter, love letter
Here is the inside letter. I know all you can see is blurred letters, but what I want you to see is I only folded the card. That simple.
monthsary, letter, love letter
Another view of the letter. My bf laughed when he saw this drawing, because the girl's body is somewhat like me. Chubby! Haha.
monthsary, letter, love letter
You don't need to spend a lot to express your love to someone. This is simple but the content is really meaningful.

Disclaimer: Way back Dec 6, 2011, since I am not good in drawing I googled 'man hugging a woman drawing'. I have seen one and been a reference for this post. I try to Google it again to give credit for this post but can't find the blog anymore.

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